Established expertise in radiology means the right technology and top of class professional medical know-how.

Supported by a robust communications network that offers round the clock access to images and reports, International Radiology Centre offers amongst the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment in the region. The outcome being the provision of the most accurate of detail when it comes to studying body's interior and its functioning. Our systems include digital Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Bone Mineral Density, cephalometry, 4-D doppler ultrasound, mammography and digital X-ray units in our facilities.

To complement the technology, we are very thorough in upholding the knowledge and skills of our clinical teams - our radiologists, radiographers, nurses and transcriptionists. This means that scrupulous understanding of preparation, imaging, diagnosis, reporting accuracy, medical trends and new technologies and effective care are all key to supporting patients and physicians.