Radiology Overview

Radiology Overview

Established expertise in radiology means the right technology and top of class professional medical know-how. Supported by a robust communications network that offers round the clock access to images and reports, International Radiology Centre offers amongst the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment in the region.

What Happens?

After you have been referred for an examination you should contact the practice and organise a booking. Be sure to ask:

How much will it cost?

How can I pay for the examination?

How do I prepare for the examination?

Our medical reception staff are there to make your appointment process easy and are happy to answer all your questions.

Once your booking is made, simply turn up on the day and our specialist medical technicians will take you through the scheduled procedure. Once the procedure is completed a qualified Radiologist will interpret the images and issue a diagnostic report to your referring Doctor.

How Long Will It Take?

Depending upon which examination you have, the procedure could take anything from 15mins to several days. The practice you book your appointment with will be able to confirm the length of time, as well as other important preparation information. You can check out approximate times and preparation details under the respective service listed above.

After Your Examination?

Most examinations allow you to leave immediately without restrictions. Check with the practice before you leave for any special instructions. Your results will either be sent to the referring Doctor or made available to you

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