IRC Overview


Operating since 2004, International Radiology Centre offers diagnostic imaging, laboratory and neurophysiology services through its facilities in the United Arab Emirates.

Our centres investigate a broad range of medical concerns. These include neurological upsets and cardiovascular disease - respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary conditions – musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems - and male, female and fetal healthcare.

It is upon the principles of excellent medical attention through technology, professional knowledge and patient care that International Radiology Centre exists.

In technology we have amongst the most advanced medical systems and communications infrastructure in the region. This means diagnostic detailing of the highest standards. It also means that images and reports are accessible to our clinical experts, referring physicians, healthcare providers and patients around the clock.

Professional knowledge is key in the ability to position and capture excellent radio-diagnostic images, analyse laboratory samples or pin-point the right spot for nerve conduction testing. Our expertise is matched in stringent methods for verifying reporting accuracy.

Patient care and the priority we place on it comes largely by way of excellent technician, nursing, reception and middle office teams. Moreover we have management which pays very close attention to feedback. An equitable team-based culture is central to our operations and in this we work to support one another and ensure that we communicate well in achieving the same goals - the highest standards of investigation together with comprehensive patient satisfaction.

Currently in Sharjah Buhairah and Taawun, and in Ras Al Khaimah – you are welcome to contact us. We have extended working hours for the convenience of the communities that we serve.